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  Micro PL(Photoluminescence)/Raman System




MonoRa 500i Monochromator with Andor iDus CCD

Focal length: 500mm       Aperture ratio: f/7.4

Scan range: 0-1600nm, mechanical range with a 1200gr/mm grating

Operating range: 185nm to FIR wiht available grating and dectors

Resolution: 0.05nm                Dispersion: 1.7nm

Accuracy: ±0.2nm                Repeatability: ±0.04nm




Hamamatsu R928 Photomultiplier Tube

Wide Spectral Response: 185-900nm

Wavelength of Maximum Response: 400nm

Time Response-Anode Pulse Rise Time: 2.2ns

                             -Electron Transit Time: 22ns

                             -Transit Time Spread: 1.2ns

Sciencetech PMH-02 PMT Housing



Melles Griot 74 He - Cd Laser

Wavelength: 325nm






Lasos series 60 Ar+ Laser

Wavelength: 488nm

Nominal output power: 20mW





Laser Science,Inc(LSI) VSL-337i Nitrogen Laser

Wavelength: 337.1nm

Repetition Rate: 0-20 Hz

Average Power at 20 Hz: 3-4 mW

Trigger Mode: External only



Stanford Reasearch Systems Lock-In Amplifier SR810 DSP

1 mHz to 102.4 kHz frequency range / >100 dB dynamic reserve

5 ppm/°C stability / 0.01 degree phase resolution

Time constants from 10 µs to 30 ks (up to 24 dB/oct rolloff)

Auto-gain, -phase, -reserve and -offset

Synthesized reference source / GPIB and RS-232 interfaces





Stanford Reasearch Systems SR540 Optical Chopper

4 Hz to 3.7 kHz chopping frequencies

Low phase jitter

Single and dual beam experiments

Sum & difference reference outputs

Bolt clamp or rod mounting



Fluorescence microscope

with Polarizer, Raman, UV, and visible cubes modified with Olympus BX60M



10K APD closed loop He cryogenic system